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i am very glad to have you here.

About MK

I am mohini kol aka MK,23 yrs .i am a doctor and an artist. I have a very keen interest in music and literature and i tend to loose myself in another world ,while reading books.i love food.i love to cook .life is fun doing this and that .i believe life is all about living it in your own style..enjoying every moment of it..some day its black,someday its white .someday its blue.someday its bright.when you are happy ,enjoy the melody and when you are sad understand the lyrics ;).you are never the same.you change everyday.you evolve yourself. so you need to celebrate …feel good and be better everyday. why? because you are ALIVE!!!

About thinking out loud

this blog is about reflection of my views, knowledge and insights on  art n creativity, music,literature,Innovation and Inspiration.and about adventures,the things you love in life…food you crave and and the dreams you never dare to dream in life.

don’t complicate things …keep it clean and simple.do what you love and love what you do.

–   MK